ScORSA Webinar: Briefing on updated HSE driving for work guidance. 

Nicola Jaynes, HM Inspector of Health and Safety, provides a briefing on updated Health and Safety Executive guidance around driving for work which includes advice about manging gig economy couriers and fleet. 

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 ScORSA Webinar: Sharing Space and Active Travel 

Key and essential workers have continued to drive throughout the pandemic. For others, the return to work has brought a range of considerations; re-familiarisation with work vehicles, new ways of travelling to work or indeed for work, walking, cycling or powered 2 wheelers.

In this webinar, Road safety experts from RoSPA and See.Sense inform ScORSA members about what they need to understand about ‘sharing space’ with vulnerable road users.


ScORSA Webinar: Let's talk about Driver Health

Safe place, safe vehicle and safe driver' are familiar words for ScORSA members.

Journey planning and vehicle checks are central to daily activity, but where does driver health fit in your approach to managing road risk?

Driver health is a critical component of driver safety - but what do we mean by ‘fitness to drive’?

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Managing Occupational Road Risk: The World’s biggest Occupational Safety Challenge (Webinar)

RoSPA’s Occupational Safety Adviser, Dr Karen McDonnell explains why organisations should adopt a proactive risk management approach to reducing the risks connected with 'at work' vehicle use, tackling this issue within the framework which they will already have in place for managing health and safety at work.

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Becoming a Better Biker

Tuesday 16th March - RoSPA hosted an online event to encourage motorcycle enthusiasts to access further advanced rider training.

We want riders to ride sharper, ride smoother, master their bike and master the road. Watch it back here and for further information.

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