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'Managing Occupational Road Safety: an Opportunity for your Business'

An introduction to the ScORSA Driving Risks at Work DVD.

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Driving is the most dangerous work activity that most people do, and very few organisations operate without using motor vehicles.

Millions of people use the road in order to do their job, and in doing so, they both face, and create, risks. They drive or ride an enormous variety of vehicles, including cars, vans, lorries, taxis, emergency service vehicles, buses and minibuses, coaches, and motorcycles in order to carry out their duties. Some people ride pedal cycles, or work on foot (for example, postal workers, maintenance workers, refuse collectors, vehicle breakdown employees, the police and so on) on the road as part of their jobs. They all share the road with members of the public.

Therefore, UK law requires employers to treat driving, riding or otherwise using the road for work, the same as any other health and safety risk. They must conduct suitable risk assessments and take all "reasonably practicable measures" to manage the risks.

This website provides information, advice and free resources to help employers to understand and manage the risks faced, and created, by their staff when they use the road as part of their work. It also provides advice and resources to help individuals who use the road as part of their job.

As an employer, whether a large or small, private or public business, you should seek to develop a systematic approach to managing occupational road risk appropriate to your business. By doing so you can achieve the following benefits for your business:

  • Reduce the number of accidents and injuries
  • Comply with legal duties
  • Avoid spiralling insurance costs
  • Improve staff morale through making them safer drivers
  • Enhance your company's reputation

The Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) was created to provide free information and support to assist Small and Medium Sized businesses to raise awareness of managing occupational road risk. Why not take a moment to evaluate how you are currently managing occupational road risk by considering the following questions:

  1. Do any of your staff drive for work?
  2. Do you know the range of vehicles driven for work purposes?
  3. Do you know how many miles your employees drive each year for work purposes?
  4. Are your work's vehicles being damaged whilst in use?
  5. Do they use bicycles or motorcycles?

If you answer yes to any of the above you need to:

  1. Develop a short statement about your organisation's approach to occupational road safety. This document is freely available to download to organisations that sign up to the ScORSA Statement.
  2. Communicate it to your employees.
  3. Issue a driver's handbook. A driver’s handbook is freely available to download to organisations that sign up to the ScORSA Statement.
  4. Cover any issues regarding grey fleet (own vehicle use by employees). A manager's guide and company policy are freely available to download to organisations that sign up to the ScORSA Statement.

Join ScORSA to gain access to these and other unique resources that can be tailored to your company.

Joining ScORSA is Free. Joining ScORSA means signing up to the ScORSA Statement to commit your business to achieving a cycle of continuous improvement in 'driving for work' performance, ensuring that this approach is underpinned by a proactive safety culture led by senior managers with full worker involvement. If you're interested in becoming a member of ScORSA, click on the Join ScORSA button and complete the joining questionnaire or contact ScORSA for further information at: info@scorsa.org.uk

Take advantage of free support and advice to help you develop policies and procedures available from the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives.You can also take advantage of free support and advice, to help you develop policies and procedures, offered by the Scottish Centre for Healthy Working Lives and by Road Safety Officers.

FREE Policy and Practice Assessment

As a ScORSA member you will be aware of the regular training seminars and advice we offer in relation to managing occupational road risk. So what else can we do to assist you, well here is something new for 2017.

Yes we have previously offered policy templates and implementation guidance but we have never actually undertaken any assessment on your behalf. So during the coming year we intend to offer of an onsite review of your Occupational Road Risk Policy and Practices to SIX lucky members FREE of charge.

Is this for you?

This offer is specifically aimed at Small to medium sized enterprises who may have limited capacity with regard to transport management processes and require some direct advice/guidance to assist in developing their systems for keeping staff safe.

So what's on Offer?

We are offering to come to your premises and conduct a review of your existing policy and procedures and provide you with a Review Report complete with any recommendations. The key components we will consider are:

  • Policy
  • Organisation
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation
  • Action & Improvement

Where's the catch?

There is none. As a partnership we offer advice and guidance free of charge to enable members to manage occupational road risk more effectively. In particular, we fully appreciate most small to medium sized enterprises do not have the capacity to fully manage or assess occupational road risk or associated risk assessment processes. It is our aim to help by offering this practical review of your MORR policy and practices.

The concept of providing a fleet review/risk assessment to six chosen organisations is simply an additional step we can take to assist.

We will assess the risk posed to your fleet and organisation based on the information you provide and offer recommendations.
All we seek in return for your personalised report is utilise the data obtained with your permission to produce an anonymised case study to benefit fellow ScORSA members.

How do I apply?

Simply submit a short summary of your organisation’s fleet details, current policy and a short statement on how a visit from our team would help you on this pro forma application.

Completed forms should be submitted to info@scorsa.org.uk by 23 January 2017. The ScORSA Steering Group will review all applications and the lucky recipients will be informed directly.

We look forward to receiving you application and best of luck.