Benefits of ScORSA Membership

Driver Logbooks - 6 free hard copies per member

The Driver logbooks are a free resource for ScORSA members offering up to 6 hard copies of the logbooks which were launched, together with Safety Cameras Scotland at our 2017 Annual Seminar. To order your free hard copies email us at . Hard copies will come with the inserts in them however if you are only looking for inserts or for extras please also find the inserts for the logbook a5 insert here and A4 insert here available for you to download and print. 

Driver Profiler - 10 Free Licences!

Organisations joining ScORSA - which is free to companies committing to the alliance's vision statement - will receive 10 licences for RoSPA's Driver Profiler, an online psychometric risk assessment tool. The assessment takes around 20 minutes to complete and at the end of the assessment, drivers are rated as high, medium or low risk. For further information and to take advantage of your 10 free licences, please email Amy Brant at:

Advice for Older Drivers
One of our key focuses here at ScORSA is older drivers in relation to driving in the workplace. Please follow us on Twitter for relevant updates and information on older drivers in the workplace and other driving for work topics and learn more about resources and advice for driving in your older years here

2018 - Free Policy and Practice Assessment

Following the success of our previous offer in 2017/18, we are pleased to announce we are once again in a position to offer members a FREE review of their MORR policy and processes.

Through this limited offer, a RoSPA trained staff member will review your current policy and working practices, enabling you to take advantage of their advice and guidance to influence how you manage occupational road risk. You will also receive written feedback.

The reviews are designed to help, are non-critical and simply a means by which we can work together to improve the safety of your staff and all other road users.

Is this for you?

This offer is specifically aimed at Small to medium sized enterprises who may have limited capacity with regard to transport management processes and require some direct advice/guidance to assist in developing their systems for keeping staff safe.

So what's on Offer?

We are offering to come to your premises and conduct a review of your existing policy and procedures and provide you with a Review Report complete with any recommendations. The key components we will consider are:

  • Policy
  • Competence & Training
  • Planning
  • Implementation
  • Review

Where's the catch?

There is none. As a partnership we offer advice and guidance free of charge to enable members to manage occupational road risk more effectively. In particular, we fully appreciate most small to medium sized enterprises do not have the capacity to fully manage or assess occupational road risk or associated risk assessment processes. It is our aim to help by offering this practical review of your MORR policy and practices.

The concept of providing a fleet review/risk assessment to six chosen organisations is simply an additional step we can take to assist.

We will assess the risk posed to your fleet and organisation based on the information you provide and offer recommendations.

All we seek in return for your personalised report is utilise the data obtained with your permission to produce an anonymised case study to benefit fellow ScORSA members.

How do I apply?

Simply submit a short summary of your organisation's fleet details, current policy and a short statement on how a visit from our team would help you on this pro forma application.

Completed forms should be submitted to ScORSA Steering Group will review all applications and the lucky recipients will be informed directly.

We look forward to receiving you application and best of luck.