About ScORSA

The Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) was created to raise awareness of managing occupational road risk and to promote occupational road safety within Scotland through promoting the positive benefits of risk management.

ScORSA brings together employers, trade unions, local authorities, emergency services, safety organisations, professional and trade associations.

ScORSA's aims are to:

  • Facilitate networking between businesses
  • Encourage joint working to raise awareness in organisations of the need for action on work related road safety
  • Promote the exchange of information on new initiatives and best practice
  • Establish a statement of common goals
  • Promote ScORSA and best practice at partner events
  • Contribute to the delivery of Scotland's Road Safety Framework to 2030.
  • Contribute to the European Road Safety Charter and the UN Decade of Action
  • To provide free resources.

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