Managing Occupational Road Safety is an Opportunity for your Business

Why do we exist?

Driving is one of the most dangerous work activities. Year on year, statistics show on average one in five collisions involve a person who is driving for work.

67% of Scottish employee's commute to work by car, and for others like delivery drivers, driving is their work. By law, employers are required to treat commuting to work in the same way as any other work health and safety risk. They must conduct suitable risk assessments and take all "reasonable practicable measures" to manage these risks.

Who are we?

ScORSA was created to help and support small and medium sized businesses manage their occupational road risks created through normal business activity.

What do we offer?

We provide, free-of-charge, information, advice, guidance and resources to help employers understand and manage occupational road risks, and create a safe environment for their staff.

We help businesses: 

  Reduce their risk of road accidents and injuries

  Comply with legal duties

  Avoid spiraling insurance costs

  Improve staff morale through making them safer drivers

  Enhance their company's reputation