ScORSA Driving Risks at Work (DR@W) Toolkit

An introduction to the ScORSA Driving Risks at Work DVD.

Introducing the ScORSA Driving Risks at Work (DR@W) Toolkit...

It is estimated that one third of incidents on our roads involve someone who is driving for work.

This ScORSA Toolkit has been designed to enable companies to conduct awareness-raising sessions with staff who drive as part of their work.

The toolkit focuses on a broad range of road safety related matters and is designed to help employers, managers and occupational drivers identify best practice for their organisation.

The Toolkit

The DR@W Toolkit includes:

  • A ScoRSA DR@W guide - which includes the Minister's foreword
  • Driving Risks at Work DVD -¬†Information for Organisations:
    • Identifying Road Risk
    • Planning for a Journey
    • Minimising Vehicle Risk
    • Minimising Driver Risk
    • Information for Drivers

The additional ScORSA DR@W Toolkit resources below are available to ScORSA Members. These include:

  • EVERYDAY film - this depicts three real life scenarios
  • Powerpoint Presentation - including road safety adverts
  • Situation Cards

Becoming a ScORSA Member is easy and it's free. Just complete and send this Joining Questionnaire.

Prior to using this Driving Risks at Work toolkit, businesses should have:

  • Considered the occupational risks or potential hazards that their staff who drive for work may encounter during the course of their working day.
  • Considered control measures and put in place occupational road risk policies and procedures to minimise risk.
  • Given consideration to the development of a company "Driver Handbook".

This ScORSA Driving Risks at Work toolkit, if used properly, will enable organisations to deliver road safety advice, will help to generate discussion relating to some of the risks involved and can be used to inform and convey company policy. Ultimately this will lead to an improvement in the overall safety culture of the organisation which will benefit the organisation. This will contribute to casualty reduction on Scotland's roads.

For more information contact the ScORSA team on 0131 449 9379 or by email