The ScORSA Statement

'Managing Occupational Road Safety: an Opportunity for your Business'

The Scottish Occupational Road Safety Alliance (ScORSA) brings together employers, trade unions, local authorities, police forces, safety organisations and professional and trade associations.

We believe that employers should manage at-work road risk within the framework that they should already have in place for managing all other occupational health and safety risks.

Research indicates that between 25% and 33% of fatal and serious road traffic incidents involve someone who was at work at the time. This includes at-work drivers, passengers, motorcyclists, cyclists and pedestrians, including road workers. It also includes casualties who were not themselves at work at the time, but who were involved in a road crash in which at least one other person was at work.

Reducing work-related road accidents makes real economic sense, reducing costs in both time and money in terms of absent staff, lost production and damage to commercial reputation. There can also be benefits such as reduced insurance costs. An accident at work can also affect an employee's own car insurance premium.

We believe that all employers, large or small, private or public, should seek to develop a systematic approach to managing occupational road risk that is appropriate to their business, for example by:

  • Gathering and analysing key safety and risk data on their vehicles, journeys, drivers, crashes, causes and costs
  • Setting and communicating clear corporate road safety objectives, increasing employee awareness
  • Ensuring everyone understands their role in achieving them
  • Complying with legal duties
  • Introducing targeted safety measures based on suitable risk assessment (backed by standards, targets and time scales)
  • Monitoring performance and learning from accidents and incidents
  • Carrying out periodic performance reviews in order to feed back lessons learned.
  • Having safe systems in place
  • Ensuring appropriate training has been undertaken
  • Giving practical advice
  • Providing appropriate support
  • Encouraging full reporting
  • Near miss recording / record keeping

By joining ScORSA organisations commit to achieving a cycle of continuous improvement in occupational road safety performance, ensuring that this approach is underpinned by a proactive, positive work related road safety culture lead by all senior managers with full workforce consultations and participation.

ScORSA urges all employers to sign up to the ScORSA Statement to improve safety on Scotland's roads and to share their good practice with all other organisations that share the same vision.