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Published:: 24/11/2021 08:53:57

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This charitable organisation are based primarily at two centres located some distance apart in the central belt of Scotland and are involved in the care of children with life shortening illnesses. The Children’s Hospices for Scotland (known as CHAS) are supported in their work by donations and the income generated through numerous charity shops. The organisation rely on staff and volunteers to transport patients and service their shop outlets. Staff drive considerable distances on a regular basis in their own vehicles.

With 300 full time staff supported by nearly 800 volunteers, they have around 139 individuals authorised to drive on behalf of the organisation. CHAS have seven cars and five minibuses within their own fleet which are used by the authorised drivers. CHAS highlighted issues around policy control and disparity between regular staff using company vehicles, those using their own vehicles and the volunteers also using their own vehicles/minibuses. It was recommended the organisation establish clear MORR policy for all staff with visible ownership and governance responsibilities. All MORR policy and working practice should be visible to all and be readily accessible through available communication

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