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Published:: 10/11/2021 15:28:34

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West Lothian Leisure


West Lothian Leisure

Policy Statement

As an organisation West Lothian Leisure is committed to achieving continuous improvement in standards of health and safety at work.

the company will seek to reduce the risks which its staff face and/or create when they are driving or are on the road in the course of their work.

It is important that all staff play their part in achieving this important objective. This guidance had been issued for the benefit of all line managers and drivers.

General principles

We will achieve improved road safety by always:

  • Reduce your risk of road accidents and injuries
  • Ensuring we use the right vehicle for the job
  • Ensuring that vehicles are in a safe condition and are matched to the needs and capabilities of the driver
  • Ensuring we have a safe journey plan
  • Practising safe, defensive driving techniques while on the road.
  • If we can, to avoid or reduce road travel we should wherever practicable, for example, by use of remote communications or changing to a safer transport mode.

Read the West Lothian Leisure Vehicles and Driving Policy Document.

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